Dealing With Life After Happiness

Time to Begin Dating Again

When two people have been in a relationship for decades, they are comfortable with each other in ways they may never notice. Their level of companionship has become an unconscious blending of their personalities, so going out with someone new when a partner has passed away might be unthinkable. The person left behind, after their period of mourning, suddenly has to face the world of dating if they want companionship again. They have many questions, but they are unsure of how to get the answers they need to begin their life anew.

Support Groups

There are many local and online support groups for those who are recovering after the loss of a long term partner, but many of those who attend them do not have all the answers. They try to help each other through a world they never thought they would need to face, and their main goal is to recognize the common fears they all face. Each one of them has gone through the grieving process, but most of them are not yet ready to face dating someone new. This is why they have no answers to share, but there are avenues to pursue.

Family Assistance

When a beloved person is gone, their partner often finds some of the best help through family members. These are people who have long been part of their life, they have real concern for the bereaved, and they want to help as much as possible. While their goal of helping them find someone else is admirable, their methods might not be the best way to help. Picking someone for them to date might be the worst experience ever, and it will not encourage future social explorations.

Seeking Counselling Advice

There are few enough answers with even the most knowledgeable professional counsellors because each person is different, and giving technical answers to personal questions does not always sit well for those who are seeking dating advice. They counsellor might be able to tell them it is okay to feel ready to date, but they will be unable to give them much advice on how to do it and what to expect. These are what a person is really seeking because they have already decided it is time to move on.

Other Options

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It is not easy to move on from any long term relationship, and the death of a beloved partner is truly heart breaking. For those who decide it is time to try again, looking for answers and support are good first steps. Taking advantage of the knowledge support groups and professionals can provide is the best way to break the ice when returning to the world of dating.